Yucca Giant-Skipper

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Yucca Giant-Skipper
Yucca Giant-Skipper (adult emerging)
December 2007
February 2008
Photos from elsewhere in Georgia.
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Megathymus yuccae

Below-Individual one of four seen
yucca giant-skipper talbot.jpg
(Talbot) 4-6-05

(Upson) April 1, 2007

yucca giant-skipper.jpg
(Talbot) March 19, 2007 (two or three were seen)

yucca giant-skipper meriwether.jpg
(Meriwether) 4-12-05

Below- One of three seen.
yucca giant-skipper upson.jpg
YUCCA SKIPPER-(Upson) Sprewell Bluff State Park 4-13-05

Yucca Giant-Skippers are fairly common in some locations. 
Flight:  Mainly mid to late March through mid-April.
Distribution:  Throughout.
Wingspan:  2 5/8 in.
Between 12 noon and 2 p.m., males will often perch conspicuously in the open on yucca leaves and stalks, dead stumps and twigs, or fallen leaves on the ground. 
The caterpillar is tea-colored with a reddish-brown head during the first few months and becomes whiter with time.   As it consumes the tuber, it creates in the process, an ever deeper tunnel in which to reside.  Droppings are expelled through the center of the plant where they begin to accumulate.  Later, the larva prepares a protective chimney of silk several inches long, which protrudes from the plant and is often called a "tent".  Inside, the chrysalis can move up or down.  After emerging, the butterfly will hold on to it as it readies its wings (see photos on next page). 

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March 21, 2007 (Talbot)

yucca giant upson 2008.jpg
From the caterpillar shown, it emerged on April 16, 2008.

yucca giant-skipper.jpg
(Talbot) 4-6-05

yucca giant-skipper eggs by J. and R. Payne.jpg
Eggs- photo by Jerry and Rose Payne

Taken, raised, and released. See following page.
yucca giant-skipper caterpillar.jpg
Caterpillar (Talbot) June 2004

yucca giant-skipper caterpillar.jpg
Same as above, 2004.

Older larva yucca giant-skipper.jpg
(Upson) January 2008

chrysalis yucca giant-skipper 2005.jpg
Empty chrysalis shell.

Upson yucca working.jpg
Plant with signs.